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About Us.

Elite Amusements specializes in supplying businesses of all types with skill-based amusement machines. Our state-of-the-art coin operated amusement games are great for any bar, restaurant, convenience store, nightclub, fraternal organization, or amusement center. Our games will provide hours of entertainment for patrons, while also creating extra income for the location owner. Outside of the income provided by the games themselves, coin operated amusement games increase overall sales of food, drink, lottery tickets, and merchandise, as well as help retain customers and create customer loyalty.


Our Focus

We understand your requirements and provide quality work and services.

Quality Product

Quality machines are essential to having a successful business. At Elite Amusements, we provide top notch machines to ensure security to you and satisfaction to your customers.

Quality Service

Service is the bread and butter of our business. We are hear to serve you and will do everything in our power to give you the best experience possible.

Quality Support

No business is successful without proper support. We are here 7 days a week to assist you in every way possible.

Lasting Relationships

At Elite Amusements, we want every customer to be a life long customer. We believe every customer is a partner that needs to be cared for and supported. When you grow, we grow!


Why select us?

We are at the forefront of the skill based amusement industry and provide unparalleled products and services.

Business Growth

Our attractive skill game amusement machines increase your customer flow. Customers from all areas will flock to your store to play the newest, most exciting games we offer. More foot traffic equates to higher sales on your base products.

Increased Revenue

Our skill based amusement machines will add an additional revenue stream to your business. Additionally, we provide higher profit cuts to you than our competitors.

Reputed Company

We have been in this skill based amusement industry for over a decade. Unlike other companies that focus on multiple products, our entire business is focused on this one industry so you can get the best product and service there is.

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